Who We Are

Convenience ,Competitive and Confident

OurStore.sg is being operated and managed by Public N Private Ltd.
Public N Private Ltd is a Singapore based company that  have a two   Trade name , One is Singink  its known for selling Printer and Refillable Ink , and the other one is OurStore.sg it's a Vending Machine Convenience Store Concept in a HDB area. We want to accommodate the growing demands and needs of our Valued Customers to ensure them that they will get our superior service beyond profitability and  to provide them a round the clock food and daily necessities at competitive and affordable price.

Our corporate values

Love for Customer-  Our attitudes focus on  delivering outstanding customers service and providing a value for money products.

Pride- Our pride comes from  the quality of products we sell and  outstanding service we provide to make our customer satisfied.

Trust- Building the trust of our valued customer is important to us ,Doing what we say and acting with integrity  is the  best value that we impart to all  our customers and employee.