Who We Are

Convenience ,Outstanding Service  and Quality Brand at Affordable Price

OurStore.sg is being operated and managed by Public N Private Ltd.

Public N Private Ltd is incorporated in Singapore. It has 6 brand names:

  1. Singink - alternative printer ink solution
  2. SingPaper - photo printing materials
  3. SingCam - IP cameras provider
  4. Selfie Union - online instant customized t-shirts & gifts
  5. SingVend - Automated retail system 
  6. OurStore.sg -  Convenient store operator

Through deep research and observation, we realized the unmet needs of the community, which is the convenience of getting daily necessities. With technology advancing at lightning speed, we explore varies solution to solve the burning need. After much analysis, we finally came up with this man-less retail system, that is a best of both world. How? Because we cut cost on hiring the cashier and we literally bring convenience to your door-steps. 

With this automated retail system, we revolutionized the user-experience of the community. Need to rush to the supermarket before 10pm to get your toothpaste? Or you need to refill the detergent but the supermarket nearby is not operating yet? No worries! Because OurStore.sg operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

OurStore.sg vow to provide residents a round the clock food and daily necessities at competitive and affordable price. :)

Our corporate values

Love for Customer-  Our attitudes focus on  delivering outstanding customers service and providing a value for money products.

Pride- Our pride comes from  the quality of products we sell and  outstanding service we provide to make our customer satisfied.

Trust- Building the trust of our valued customer is important to us ,Doing what we say and acting with integrity  is the  best value that we impart to all employee.