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Canned food & Sauces

Forget about the hassle and trouble to travel miles to a supermarket to get your cooking necessities when OurStore.sg is within your community! 


Childhood snacks

In a traditional mama store, snacks are the must. We are constantly bringing in new and delicious snacks to you. Do email or Facebook message us if you have any suggestions :)


Instant noodles and soup

Need a filling meal rather than snacks? We got it cover with the most convenient food - Instant noodles and soup. We are exploring the possibilities of ready to eat food! Look forward to that :)



After a long walk from school, walking back home from the MRT or after a fun-filled exercise, hydrate yourself with a can or bottle of chilled drink :)


Spices and dried goods

Bet many would not expect this to be in a mama shop, let along a vending machine! Serving the residents in HDB, we hope to bring convenience to their door-step as much as possible. 


Toiletries & simple First Aid

These are the absolute daily necessities yet many times, when it's running low, we forget to buy or refill them. With OurStore.sg within your community, you can live at ease :)